The mission of Leadership Sevier is to enhance leadership in Sevier County; develop a greater sense of community and a means of communication among its leaders; and improve the quality of life.

Introduce. Inform. Inspire. Involve.


The Leadership Sevier program started in 1997 and provides participants with a comprehensive learning experience through daylong monthly sessions from April through November, including an opening two-day orientation and training in March. The training days include DISC Personality profile and team building activities. The program focuses on the dynamics of the community and a cross-sectional view of the most salient public issues. Program sessions are held at throughout Sevier County to provide participants with a broad geographic perspective.

The objectives of Leadership Sevier:

  • To identify current leaders from all areas of community life
  • To increase their awareness of the community by developing programs which address the vital issues affecting Sevier County
  • To encourage philanthropic support through a greater understanding of needs and opportunities for involvement
  • To break down communication barriers and encourage greater cooperation through a personal networking system
  • To develop an expanding and inclusive vision for Sevier County and work for community improvement
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth through the development of leadership and interpersonal skills, personal awareness and challenge
  • To provide programming that meets the needs of our county and facilitates the accomplishment of our objectives
  • To foster community trusteeship


Program Days are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month from April through November.  The class is divided into teams that will work together to plan a specific program day. The Program Day topics include law enforcement and emergency services, planned development, healthcare and human services, the economy, education, and quality of life. The Program Director coordinates with local governments in Sevier County and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park on two additional program days with Graduation in December.

Program Days begin around 8:00 a.m. and end around 5:00 p.m. Dress is business casual unless specified. Meals are provided.  Leadership Sevier will recognize each graduate with a beautiful, framed certificate designed by Robert Tino.  The cost to participate is $1250 tuition, usually $1100 paid by your sponsor, individual contributes $150.  Tuition payment is due upon acceptance into the program.

Upon graduation you become a member for life and are invited to Leadership Sevier functions for fellowship and leadership development. The annual dues fee ($175) help to support day to day operation of Leadership Sevier. You are encouraged to join us at Introductions Night and Graduation of the annual class.


March Introductions Night
Two Day Training and Orientation
April-November 3rd Wednesday of every month- Program Day (all day)
You and your Team are responsible for planning one (1) Program Day. This will require 3-4 meetings to plan this day.
December Attend one lunch to evaluate the year.
December Graduation Night


Nominations are accepted through August. The selection process begins in September. Nomination forms will be published in The Mountain Press , can be obtained from the Leadership Sevier Office and accessed online at our web site- www.leadershipsevier.com.

Do you have questions? Call Ellen Wilhoit or Jo Ann Holland at 865.908.3801.